Nicole Kidman For Jimmy Choo Rolls Out New Photoshop Trend

I love this ad for Jimmy Choo but I had to take a second look when this morning my inbox conatined a report from Business Insider stating Academy Award winning Nicole Kidman looks unrecognizable in the new Jimmy Choo ads. Too pale. Too thin. Too odd a nose. Nothing new there but here's something that is; notice Jimmy Choo photoshopped bags on top of her eyes. Ah-ha. Very puffy lids. There could be a new cosmetic filler trend on the horizon.

But for me it's not that they photoshopped her skin and face, that's expected, it's that they gave her an amphibian hand and showcased it on top of the lettering drawing even more attention to the combined digits.  Benefit of the doubt given it could be that Jimmy Choo has tapped Nicole to bring awareness to the well being of frogs.

I do like that they photoshopped the bottom of the suit coat. The structure at the top morphs into a silky blouse. It's a suit blouse! I'm not gonna lie, if this suit blouse goes into production as shown I'm buying; I don't know how it's possible but if looks how it looks in the photo, I'm in. 

The image for Jimmy Choo's pre-fall collection is below along with a short film shot with Kidman showcasing all accessories in the print ad. It could be the dusty bike, it could be the ankle boots; I'm loving the new video and images photoshop or not. 

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo