In This Case Would You Have Plastic Surgery?

The Ideal Woman Project

The "Ideal Woman" project by Florida-based artist  SKIP and his fiancee  shows us it's possible to be imperfect and beautiful at the same time. 


The Ideal Woman project explores a woman's perception of herself. One photograph shows the lines a surgeon would draw to perfect her body prior to surgery and the other shows the same women feeling confident in her skin. 

Have you ever had plastic surgery? 

I'm not a newcomer to plastic surgery. My first visit to the surgeon was at age 18 following the advice of my agents to have liposuction on my inner and outer thighs, my knees and love handles. My modeling career was rising faster than my weight was dropping. We all know a model is expected to be a certain physique. I was still in shock over getting signed a month before and after a whirlwind of tests and go-sees I was starting to book modeling jobs. I made the choice to go through with it. It was either that or move back to MN until I lost the weight.  

Some people gasp when I tell them I've since had three more adjustments as my body continued to developed.  A couple things needed adjusting after certain parts grew and others didn't. I like to call it collateral plastic surgery. I had accepted that I wasn't like "other models" before I walked into the surgeon's office. The decision felt necessary. Clearly I wasn't thinking beyond the superficial.  Who wouldn't give up a little fat in exchange for a promising career in modeling? The exchange seemed fair. 

What would you have done?

Tallulah Willis Talks About Her Own Sense Of Beauty, Style And Body Dysmorphia

Tallulah Willis spoke with The What's Underneath Project to discuss her diagnosis of body dysmorphia and the affect it has had on her personal style. 

Tallulah Willis recently sat down for a chat with The What's Underneath Project. They filmed her speaking about herself and her process of discovering beauty and style within herself. At each step she removes a piece of clothing. 

The concept is an interesting one. We all hide in some form or fashion. Our clothing masks and highlights. It's an expression as much as it can be an afterthought.  Clothing, style, attitude. They all serve a purpose helping us define ourselves to ourselves and to the world. They change. And so do we. 

Tallulah talks about hiding and distracting her face using her body and sexuality. Push-ups and short shorts.  Of course there is nothing to hide, she's gorgeous.  And so are all of us. 

Professor’s Authority and Power Over Students Abused

Furman Hall Vanderbilt Campus

All of us activists for women rights, who believed the 18th century style of repression of women and their rights was long over, find ourselves staring in disbelief at the recent statistics about the treatment of women on college campuses. Official stats report, that 1 in 5 women is sexually assaulted by a student or professor, during her four years of college.

That's twenty percent of our young women training to become the future leaders of our society. Obviously they should not be forced to confront harassment, discrimination, or assault by the instructors who they effectively have hired to give them the education and knowledge they need to fulfill their ambitions.

When you take a minute to digest this, like me, you probably will begin to wonder how we call ourselves a “civilized” society.

One student is suing. In this case, a professor "routinely called her ugly, fat and... stupid in front of other students." Huh? 

The same professor "required the female graduate students to attend a boat party where the male professors became intoxicated and were allowed to make romantic and sexual advances on the students." For some, college life sucks.

It shouldn't.

The supervisor of this Vanderbilt professor responded saying, "in his opinion, it was nothing but a personality conflict." 

You’re damn right it was a personality conflict... a conflict between the personality of a normal, ambitious woman aware of her rights, and a sick man. 

Can this isolated lawsuit fix the trend that innocent women have endured? No. But it will surely make universities more discerning about the hiring and practices of their teachers. 

In April a compliance review was launched by U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights at Vanderbilt concerning the handling of cases of sexual misconduct on campus.